Montreal Quarantine Birthday for Kids

Montreal Quarantine Birthday for Kids

A few weeks ago we celebrated Leo’s 4th birthday. As the third child, he hadn’t yet had a big birthday party and this was supposed to be the year that he celebrated with more people than just immediate family. But then…Covid-19. So I had to get creative and pull some tricks out of my hat to make his quarantine birthday an extra special one.

Flamingo Party Montreal

As a kid, I remember waking up one birthday morning and being delighted by the pink flamingos lining my lawn. This memory came in handy a few decades later as a lightbulb flashed for a wonderful birthday surprise for Leo. A lot has changed in 30+ years, and Flamingo Party Montreal now has all sorts of themes including superheroes, Disney, Minions and more. Needless to say, the minute Leo opened our front door he was completely amazed. The characters on our lawn provided endless entertainment throughout the day and garnered many walk-by happy birthdays for Leo.

Super Hero Art Activity

Since we were going with a superhero theme I knew I had to find the perfect activity to make the day a little bit more special. Having seen some at-home art activities offered by Studio Jabberwocky, I reached out and learned that they were just about to launch a superhero mask making kit. Leo’s package came with all the fixings, from glue and paint, to sequins and sticker. You’re certain to find an activity to match your theme with choices including Playdoh cupcakes, Dino sensory bins and more.

The Real Superheroes

I wouldn’t know half the things I do about raising kids in Montreal if it weren’t for our local Facebook parent groups. That’s where I learned about this next hack. Leo loves fire trucks and our local fire station usually has an open house in May. Obviously that wouldn’t be happening this year. So I picked up the phone and called Station 78 to see if they might do a drive by for Leo’s birthday. They said they would try their best and two days later (on his actual birthday) I got a call asking what time would work best, and another call with a 5-minute warning to let me know they were en route. Two firetrucks with horns blaring, certainly make for one happy kid!

Sweet Endings

No birthday would be complete without candles and an amazing cake. We had a sundae bar earlier in the day with grandparents but needed some candles to blow out. I called on the super-talented Lafrenaie Montreal West to create a mini superhero cake. Seeing as we were just five eating it, it was small but mighty!

Leo had the best day ever. And that’s something I keep hearing from moms whose kids have had a quarantine birthday. They don’t need all the bells and whistles of lavish parties. Having love and hugs sent to them virtually, with a few surprises mixed in, is all they really need. 🙂

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