Social Distancing & Backyard Camps

Social Distancing & Backyard Camps

T-2 weeks until “school” is out and kids start their extended 5+ month summer break. So now what? If you’re in the same boat as me, your kids have been watching far too much TV and getting more than their dose of screen time on school Zoom calls. Personally, I want them off screens as much as possible this summer. There are definitely many virtual summer camp options this year but I’m more interested in signing them up for one of the social distancing or backyard camps.

While I do want them outdoors, the thought of leaving the house after months in isolation is scary. We were signed up for both a day camp and a sleep away camp but they have been cancelled. So I started researching small group camps where I knew they could spend most of their days outdoors, and with plenty of room to spread out from other kids.

Here are just a few of the summer camps in Montreal that have set up smaller group options with social distancing protocols in place:


The day that our camp was cancelled, I went straight to the Pedalheads website. My kids have attended this biking camp before and while they don’t need lessons to learn how to ride, Pedalheads’ higher level classes teach kids about road safety and how to use their gears properly. The Canadian camp has set up very strict social distancing protocols. The camps are almost completely outdoors and small groups have always been a part of their setup.

Tyler Anne Dance Camp

Hannah will probably be attending a week of dance camp, to be held in a outdoors location. There will be a maximum of 15 kids per group and summer camp includes dance alongside other activities ranging from arts and crafts, water play, games and more!

REC Room Fun Facilitators

Gather five kids in any of your backyards and you’ve got the perfect group for some fun with Le REC Room. Camp at home will be held 4 hours a day, during the hours of your choice. Facilitators will keep the kids entertained with activities like bike rides, scavenger hunts, arts & crafts, improv games and more.

Everblast Backyard Camps

A similar concept, this backyard camp is for a minimum of six children with half and full day options available. Kids can keep up their French language skills throughout the summer with a French animator. For families without a backyard, days at the park are also an option.

Wow Moms World Montreal Camp

This brand new mom/kid concept never got the chance to fully open as its official launch coincided with the start of Covid-19. So you know that any kids going in to play will have access to perfectly clean surfaces and toys. This camp is likely suited for the younger set.

J Hoops Backyard Basketball

Create your own teams and two basketball coaches will come to your at-home games this summer! This program is for kids 6-13 and is ideal for groups of 6-8. Morning and afternoon sessions are available.

Prep Academy Tutors

This backyard learn n’ play camp is for groups of 6 kids from a maximum of 3 families. Each session will be customized with specific activities designed to appeal to every kids’ particular interests. There is no time commitment, just a 12-hour cancellation policy. 

Fixxy’s Clubhouse

This Covid-born camp is an extension of a local tutoring company. 2-4 children will be supervised for a 3 hour block of time by a local teenager. Outdoor activities will be catered to the kids’ interests but can include a slew of sports, obstacle courses, jewelry making, tie-dying and more.

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