The Best Indoor Playgrounds in Montreal

The Best Indoor Playgrounds in Montreal

January is that time of year when the reality sets in that it’s cold outside. Sure there are tons of outdoor activities like skiing, tobogganing and skating with the kids, but moms get cold too. Sometimes we just want to get their energy out without the threat of frost bite. Enter the indoor activity centre. I’ve rounded up our favourite indoor playgrounds in Montreal, by age. You’re welcome in advance 🙂

1-5 Years Old

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The Montreal Children’s Museum is a day-long activity located in Laval where kids can let their imaginations run free. Small sized environments like a grocery store, farm, veterinarian’s office, and even a construction site, are perfect play opportunities.

Just nearby is Jungle Adventure, a small-scale amusement centre where little kids won’t get lost. A climbing structure and a giant ball pit are the perfect place to play on a chilly day.

3+ Years Old

I used to be hesitant about bringing my kids to trampoline parks after hearing stories about broken bones but when Leo fell in the backyard at the age of 2 and broke his arm I realized bad things can happen anywhere. And now, we frequent them pretty often, without a scratch.

Sky Tag is in Dollard and features trampolines, an obstacle course, laser tag and an arcade.

With multiple locations across the city, Sky Zone is similar but additionally offers climbing walls, a ninja warrior course and a separate toddler area.

Laval has its very own Ninja Warrior Obstacle Course with Ninja Kidz. It also offers a climbing zone and a soft play area for kids under 4 years old.

For the complete climbing experience, head to Clip n’ Climb in Laval for a variety of challenges for all age and skill levels. For the very brave of the bunch, try the vertical drop slide or the leap of faith.

All Ages

These next few are all-around indoor activity playgrounds in Montreal suitable for kids of all ages. Tip: Try to stay away on ped days when kids can be in attendance by the bus load!

First up is Funtropolis, a huge indoor activity centre with an arcade, climbing maze, bumper cars and a special section for babies and toddlers.

Kazoom Café has two locations in Saint Laurent and in Brossard and focuses on giving parents a little quiet time while kids stay engaged on the play structure. A separate space for the under 3 set keeps them safe and entertained.

Claiming to be the biggest indoor activity centre in Canada, Woohoo is located in Vaudreuil and boasts an arcade, a climbing wall, trampolines, bungee jumping, bumper cars, a huge climbing structure and much, much more.

The Pi-O amusement centre in the South Shore offers over 20 entertainment options including rides, a giant sand box and a maze of mirrors in a visually pleasing space.

Wow Moms World is a franchise that recently opened in Laval and Brossard and is coming to Montreal this spring. This space isn’t just for the kids with classes and a play space but caters to parent too with fitness classes, spa services and a healthy cafĂ©. Follow the Montreal location on Instagram for more news about their grand opening.

Did I miss any? Share your favourite Montreal indoor play space in the comments.

When you can’t get out

If the pandemic taught us anything it’s that great toys at home are always a good thing. Here are some active entertainment ideas for home, when you just want to stay in:

Basketball Arcade Game

Adjustable Gymnastics Bar

Indoor Bouncy Castle

Teepee Tent

Indoor Hammock Swing

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