Birthdays Get an Upgrade with Montreal Lawn Signs

Birthdays Get an Upgrade with Montreal Lawn Signs

If this pandemic has taught us anything, it’s that birthday celebrations can be so much more creative than we ever imagined. Back in May 2019 we wanted to celebrate Leo’s 4th birthday in the middle of a lockdown. Montreal lawn signs were just getting started at the time. Flash forward to fall 2021 and lawn decor options just went up a notch thanks to local company Cour Carte Montreal.

Lawn Signs for Every Occasion

It all started back when I was a kid, some 30+ years ago, when we woke up to find those bright pink flamingos scattered across our lawns as an early morning birthday surprise. The founders of Cour Carte Montreal are now making the dreams of both big and little kids come true with every imaginable lawn sign theme. From Paw Patrol for toddlers to unicorns for tweens to Super Mario for gamers, there is something for every child. And it doesn’t just stop at birthdays. They have lawn signs to celebrate anniversaries, Christmas, graduations and more. Parents to four children of their own, Natalie and Mike, use their creative skills to create the most beautiful letter and number signs.

Alex’s Special Day

For Alex’s 10th birthday, we wanted to mark his journey to double digits with a grand surprise on the front lawn. We opted for a mix of gaming, social media and Simpsons themed lawn signs. The crew at Cour Carte Montreal worked into the wee hours of the night to create an amazing display. It was like nothing we’ve ever seen before. My favourite part of it was the photo frame placed just in the middle of the other signs, which made for the perfect photo opportunity.

Throughout the day, traffic was literally stopping outside our door as passers-by took in the magnitude of Alex’s birthday wishes. He got plenty of birthday honks too!

Natalie and Mike were amazing to work with, responding to Instagram messages well into the night. A big thumbs up to this local company that is making birthday celebrations through a pandemic even better!

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