Inspiration: Family Travel Bloggers

Inspiration: Family Travel Bloggers

Some of you might know me best for my round ups of fun, family-friendly activities in Montreal but my favourite thing to blog about is our family travels. I will never say that a road trip destination is too far (I’ve got three great little travellers and a husband who loves to drive) or that cramming into a hotel room is too uncomfortable (we rarely spend too much time indoors anyways). But I have been known to say that travelling with kids is not a vacation, rather it’s a trip (which isn’t always glamorous). Perhaps this is the motto of many other family travel bloggers out there.

There’s no rest for moms and dads who make a living out of exploring the world, but the memories and experiences are totally worth early mornings and entire days on the go. I’ve documented some of my favourite travels to Mexico, Ottawa, Vermont, Palm Springs and more. Now I’m shining a light on these family travel bloggers who could convince you to go anywhere with kids in tow:

The Bucket List Family

This couple is living the ultimate dream. They dropped everything and decided to leave the comforts of home, with their 3 kids, behind to explore the world. You’ll usually find them on a white sandy beach with blonde flocks flowing, which will leave you wanting to work on your very own bucket list. Side note: dad Garrett is pretty easy on the eyes…

Jade Broadus

Better known as @vagabond3, this Instagram account follows a family of 3, documenting their travels as their 4-year-old daughter grows up. With everything from tips on how to travel with a toddler to breathtaking photos that have been featured in National Geographic, this account is sure to give you the travel bug. Jade and her family spend a lot of time exploring the USA which could make for some amazing family road trips.

Claire Collected

If you’re looking for colour, head to this Instagram account of Australia native Claire who doesn’t categorize herself among other family travel bloggers. While she focuses on a rainbow-hued account of her family’s life, her account inspires me to seek out all the #prettypastels and the #colorsplash in destinations like Disneyland, Vancouver, Hawaii and, of course, Down Under.

Je Suis Une Maman

Led by Quebec native Jaime Damak, this account is closer to home and has lots of great destination ideas that aren’t too far away. The account is mainly in French but that just adds to the local flare. From Smuggler’s Notch Resort to staycations in Montreal to family-friendly travel in Toronto this blog has you covered. Check out their recent tour of the new Norwegian Encore cruise ship.

Emily Morrice

Emily isn’t a newcomer to my blog. I wrote about her here as one of my favourite Montreal mom bloggers, but now I’m adding her to the list as a family travel blogger. Emily and her family pack up for Europe and beyond every other year with an incredible travel saving strategy using airline miles. She has inspired me to look at (family) travel in a different light – that you don’t need all the bells and whistles to explore the world. From inexpensive Airbnbs to picnic lunches of baguette and cheese, families can travel far and wide on a budget.

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