Mom Crash: Mid Day Squares to the Rescue!

Mom Crash: Mid Day Squares to the Rescue!

Life has been pretty insane the past few weeks. Work is busy, our family schedule is packed and the holiday season hasn’t even officially kicked off yet. 3 PM has a way of sneaking up on me very quickly when I realize it’s time to pick up my kids from school and I haven’t yet eaten lunch. Or maybe I just need a boost of energy to push me through to bedtime. Enter Mid Day Squares.

If you haven’t seen these raw superfood squares yet you’re either not on Instagram or likely hiding under a rock. They are officially buzz worthy among the Montreal influencer crew. And for good reason. “Fudge Yah” is the first flavour of these insanely delicious chocolate squares to hit the shelves of local health food stores. They taste as good as a chocolate bar and just one square can keep you satisfied until dinner time.

So what really makes Mid Day Squares so special? Besides being organic and vegan, these chocolate snacks are packed with protein, fibre and loads of natural ingredients to curb cravings and give you an energy boost. Hemp protein powder, pumpkin seeds, dates, yacon syrup and organic chocolate are among the ingredients, making these squares suitable for anyone in the family, even kids. (Check out my other kid-friendly snack ideas here.) Plus, they’re relatively low in sugar.

Mid Day squares have been flying off the shelves of the refrigerator section at stores like Nature Santé, TAU, National Food Shop and more. Once you’ve tried one, you’ll want to order a 12-pack to be delivered to your door via the brand’s website. And just wait until the second flavour – Almond Butta Crunch – launches in the new year.

This post is in no way endorsed by Mid Day Squares. They are just that good that I had to share. Happy mid day snacking!!!

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