Montreal’s Best Family Activities

Montreal’s Best Family Activities

What better way to spend time bonding time with your kids than visiting some of Montreal’s best family activities? For one, it beats being stuck inside your home all day (we’ve done enough of that through the pandemic!) It also makes for amazing bonding moments, incredible memories and gets kids off of screens. Check out these family-friendly outings in Montreal.

Ice Skating

Are you looking for fun activities that will engage your children’s senses? Then try ice skating. Take your kids to the Old Port and have fun on the ice. Don’t worry if you don’t own a pair of ice skates. You can easily rent a pair from the park. There are a lot of great activities and snacks to enjoy during and after ice skating. So, let loose and enjoy the moment.

Sight Seeing
Montreal is home to some amazing sites that you can visit as a family. For instance, you could go to Mount Royal for an outdoor exploration experience or visit Musée Point-à-Callière for a pirate adventure. Get to see and learn more about history or the world around you. Some places, such as the Pointe-à-Callière museum have physical activities for children, such as embarking on a ‘pirate ship’ and engaging in intellectual and physical quizzes to test their survival capabilities.

Indoor Rock Climbing

Indoor rock climbing is a great family bonding experience and a dose of physical activity too! So, take your family to a climbing gym like Allez Up and enjoy a day viewing the world from different heights. And bonus, you’ll get to help your family members overcome acrophobia!

Visit a Museum

Another fun activity that will get you and your children out of the house is visiting a museum. It is a great opportunity to spend quality time as a family and learn about human history, science, and other interesting facts about other cultures. In Montreal, the McCord Museum is super child-friendly, as well as the Science Centre. Let your kids spend the day learning more about different aspects of Canadian history, culture, science, and wildlife. The Biosphere is a great outing for a lesson about the earth, the environment, and global warming.


Although Montreal has no beach where your kids can hang out, bask in the sun and surf the waves, there are other incredible places to go swimming. Take them out to the Aquadome for swimming lessons and other fun water activities such as slides and jet rides. It also has a hot tub which is always an added bonus for parents.

High Adrenaline Activites

This is a high energy activity that will get the entire family excited! For paintball battles, visit Nerf Hero and get into game mode. Alternatively, you can go to Laser Quest which is great for older teens and tweens. Have a blast as a family in the amazing laser-filled space and get the adrenaline rushing. Kart-o-Mania is also a great place for go karting in a super family-friendly environment.

There are so many fun, family-friendly activities in Montreal. So, pick one, go out, have fun, and bond with your children. Remember to take pictures and make wonderful memories that you will always remember. Be sure to try some of these fun activities to do in Montreal too!

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