Socially Distanced Halloween 2020

Socially Distanced Halloween 2020

I still haven’t decided if I’m letting my kids go trick or treating or if we will be respecting a socially distanced Halloween. With less than a week to go until the day of ghosts and goblins, it’s a decision that many parents are grappling with. For us Montrealers, Halloween was canceled last year, although my family literally braved the storm for our treats. As I air on the side of caution this year, I’m getting ready for a different kind of celebration, with some of these tricks.

Halloween at the Drive-In

royal mount drive in

A scary movie is a must but it doesn’t have to be on your couch. The Royalmount Drive-In Theatre is offering a Halloween evening of screams with these movies: Scoob!, The Addams Family, The Shining and Halloween. The first two are the most kid-friendly, playing at 4pm and 6:30pm respectively. The drive-in will feature special Effects and surprises including characters, costume contests and “Trunk or Treat” festivities.

I’m giving away one family car pass ($40) to Scoob on my Instagram account here!

Halloween Art Online

Since there won’t be any Halloween parties, that feeling of community may be lost…but not at this free, online event. Register the kids for a Zoom Monster Art Mash event hosted by Crayola Imagine Arts Academy. They will spend the afternoon crafting with their peers. As a pre-event activity, kids can make their own monster eyes and stick them on things around the house. Come in costume to the event and partake in a bat-themed art activity. Registration required.

At-Home Activities

Jabberwocky Kits

We usually spend about two hours trick or treating so we’ll need to fill that time with other kinds of fun. One of my favourite local businesses Jabberwocky Studio has unfortunately closed due to Covid but they have pivoted to become Jabberwocky Kits. This Halloween they are offering a range of at-home activities ($18-$42) including a slime kit, a ghost party kit, a potion kit and more. Delivery is available but orders must be placed 2-3 days in advance.

In place of trick or treating, try out an at-home scavenger hunt. I’m planning on buying some Easter-style eggs (if I can still find them), candies and glow sticks. We’ll hide them throughout the house and backyard, turn off the lights and have the kids find them all. That childhood magic of sorting candy will still be a thing as they have to pop open each egg to see what’s inside.

Homemade Treats


Some local businesses have hopped on the socially distanced Halloween train by creating a slew of do-it-yourself baking treats. Snapcakes has glow in the dark cookie kits ($36), with a blacklight flashlight included.

Léché Desserts and Sfingy’s both have DIY donut decorating kits. The kit from Léché includes donuts, bags of icing, candy toppers and even a bag of candy for the kids. Pre-order now ($38) for delivery on October 30th or 31st, Sfingy’s is offering something similar with its donut or cookie decorating kits ($15-$25) that are nut-free and kosher. They can be picked up on the 30th.

Decoration Drive

Jump in the car and take a drive to see the Halloween decorations. Visit a different neighbourhood every evening leading up to Halloween as many homes are already decorated. Some of my favourites include Brock and Ballantyne streets in Montreal West and Marcil between Maisonneuve and Sherbrooke in NDG.

If you’ve got other socially distanced Halloween ideas share them in the comments!

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