March Break Activities for Kids from Frizzle Beanz

March Break Activities for Kids from Frizzle Beanz

We are fortunate enough to be heading to the sun over March Break so the kids should be plenty busy in the pool and at the beach. But with a pit-stop in Toronto for a family function along the way we’re looking at 12+ travel hours on both a train and plane to reach our final destination. While my search for March break activities for kids this year may not involve scoping out the newest indoor play centres, I’m still in need of books, crafts and as many non-screen related activities for my backseat bin to make the trip that much more enjoyable.

I turned to the ever-talented Rachel, from Frizzle Beanz, for some activity inspiration that can be used either on-the-go or at home, while the kids are off from school. If you’re not familiar with this Montreal-based online gift store, I highly suggest a virtual visit to stock up, pre-spring break. Not only do they carry great gear but Rachel’s specialty is creating the perfect bundle of items, to create the ultimate gift. On the Frizzle Beanz website, gifts are searchable by age and budget so you can find activities suitable for your crew. Here are some of Rachel’s picks for my kids.

Leo: 2-3 Years Old

While these books require a commitment in your carry-on as they are quite bulky and heavy, the payoff in hours spent entertained outweighs the shlep-factor. Each magnetic book includes 45 magnets and colourful pages that teach toddlers all about Oceans, Dinosaurs, Construction Sites and other subjects.

Read & Ride: Cars and Trucks

This book includes 4 vehicle board books (Fire, Recycle, Police, Taxi) and fit perfectly into a larger book featuring 3 pages of roads and tracks inside. Open it up for playtime and store it all neatly when not in use.

Frizzle Beanz creates on-the-go art activities for both boys and girls that can be stored away in a zippered plastic pouch. From crayons to sticker kits to doodle pads, each pouch is filled with engaging and creative activities, that are age appropriate.

Alex 6-8 Years Old

Lego is highly untransportable but these building tubes are the perfect on-the-go alternative to get their imaginations flowing. Available in larger shapes and the classic mini size, kids can build up and then pack the pieces in the convenient tube.


Magnets really are the best travel accessory and these books get kids spelling, creating and playing on their tray tables. The box’s lid doubles as a magnetic board where they can showcase their creations.

What kid doesn’t love Tic Tac Toe? Well, the classic game just got cooler with themed stickers so instead of basic Xs & Os, kids can play turtle vs. snail, unicorn vs. narwhal and more. This book is available in a larger kit). The Pocket Doodle books give kids colouring inspiration with fill-in pages like birthday cake decorating and t-shirt design.

Hannah 9-11 Years Old

We’re big fans of this scratch art brand and I’m thrilled to see them in book format so all the pages stay together. Also, there’s a special compartment for the scratch pencil so it never gets lost. This book contains 18 pages, half are holographic and half are rainbow. Available in a kit.

Friendship Bracelet Set

Say goodbye to the hassle of tangled bracelet strings with this craft set. The kit includes a how-to booklet to make multiple styles as well as string and felt add-ons. Available in the Bracelet Doodle Bundle.

Anything but your typical mandala colouring book, this pad includes pop out prints that can be hung once coloured. This book is unicorns galore. The double sided coloured pencils give two times the hues with half the packaging. Gotta love that!

This is just a sampling of all the great March break activities for kids available at Frizzle Beanz. The best part is, Rachel can bundle them all together to make the perfect travel pack for each of your kids. And if you’re strapped for time, she’ll even assemble the age themed activities for each member of your crew. While you’re there, check her out for loot bags too!

Plus, she’s offering my readers a special promo code for FREE SHIPPING, with no minimum order sizeValid until March 1, 2019, click here to use it now.

Happy March Break!

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