Spotlight on Fabulous Habits: Montreal Lifestyle Blogger

Spotlight on Fabulous Habits: Montreal Lifestyle Blogger

Back when I started blogging in 2009 there were very few Montreal-based bloggers. Thanks to the magic of Instagram, today I am part of a wonderful community of local moms. Among the first Montreal lifestyle blogger I met online was Lisa Favre of Fabulous Habits. We immediately bonded when we found out both of our sons were named Leo.

Lisa is a first-time mom who has a passion for baking and DIY. She is the complete opposite of me! We even live at different ends of the city so I thought Lisa would be the perfect person to offer family-friendly tips about her neighbourhood: Brossard. Lisa and I sat down for a mini interview where she shared all of her must-visit destinations in and around Quartier Dix30 on the South Shore.

Making the Move

MM: You’ve recently moved to the South Shore, specifically Brossard. Why did you decide to make your move after Leo was born?
FH: Here’s a bit of backstory: I’ve pretty much always been a suburb-gal. I was born in Montreal and my family lived on the island up until I was 5 years old (just when I was about to start school). We moved to the South Shore but I ended up attending most of high school and CEGEP in Montreal (so you can imagine all the traffic I had to endure). Still, there’s something so peaceful about living in a quiet neighbourhood, and I wanted to offer that same upbringing to my own family.
Joe and I noticed how Brossard was developing into a beautiful city. Every time we’d visit (aka: shopped at Dix30), we noticed all the new parks, family-friendly areas, etc. that were popping up. We’d constantly see young families walking around the neighbourhood and so, we decided that it would be most appropriate to raise our little family here, too.


A Family Affair

MM: I have visited a few kid-friendly spots in and near Brossard with my family including BFly and Ferme Guyon. Where do you and Leo hang out when you have a free morning to play?
FH: We’re still new to the city (we moved here in the summertime) and so up until now, most of our daily activities were spent outdoors. The parks in the neighbourhood are really impressive. During this summer’s hot spell, I would bask in the sunshine while Leo played (for hours on-end) in one of the city’s many splash-pads. BFly is definitely a favourite of ours and we have yet to visit the Exporail Museum in St. Constant. We’re looking forward to discovering more – especially for the upcoming holidays!


Retail Therapy

MM: I know Dix30 as a shopping destination and have often made the trip over the Champlain bridge for HR2 (now closed 😢) and Anthropologie. What are some of your favourite stores to shop at for yourself and Leo that are unique to Dix30?
FH: I am so glad you asked! We do most of our shopping in Dix30. While Williams-Sonoma and ZARA aren’t necessarily unique to the shopping area, it’s nice to have one in our new neighbourhood. However, you can imagine how ecstatic I was when I saw that Dix30 housed the only Pottery Barn and Pottery Barn Kids in Quebec. Yes, yes, and yes! Also, I frequently visit Mahée, which is a beautiful fashion boutique owned by the incredible Mahée Paiement herself.



Toddler Cuisine

MM: Eating with a two year old is often not a leisurely activity. What are your go-to restaurants in Brossard that have delicious food for everyone in the family and where you feel comfortable bringing a toddler?
FH: In Dix30, there is a Thai restaurant called Siam and we go there all the time! They’re always friendly and Leo absolutely adores their duck wontons. For Sunday lunch, we often go to Odessa, Dix30’s very own fish market. Our weekly visit is mainly to stock our freezer but they also have a quick-service counter where they serve hot meals and sushi.


Parent’s Night Out

MM: What’s your perfect date night in Brossard when you’re able to book a babysitter and spend some time together as a couple?
FH: Joe and I head straight for the movies, at Cineplex’s VIP theatre. It’s a fun way to treat ourselves (Three cheers for reserved seating with extra-large, reclining chairs!). Since they serve full meals, we turn it into a dinner-and-movie-ordeal – two birds, one stone… right?!

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