Party Inspiration: Super Mario Birthday Party

Party Inspiration: Super Mario Birthday Party

  1. For the past three years I’ve hosted all of my kids’ birthday parties at home. Some people think that I’m crazy for having 10+ kids storming through my house. But my kids actually prefer birthday parties at home, plus it’s easier to set up a party theme because I have more time to decorate. Last month we hosted Alex’s Super Mario birthday party at home.

I am totally over big birthday parties, with all the kids in the class invited. I want my kids to celebrate with their best friends and not shell out anywhere between $500-$1000 for a two hour party. (Remind me of that when Leo has his first class birthday in May). It sounds like a huge investment but when you factor in a venue, food, cake, loot bags and decor it can add up. That’s why I opt for a home birthday party so I can save on the cost of a venue. And my husband and I are pretty creative when it comes to entertainment.

Super Activity

Super Mario is all about the gold coins so for Alex’s party we planned a scavenger hunt in a nearby park with a treasure box of gold coins and Super Mario medals as the prize for each of the teams. We knew our activity was a success when one of Alex’s friends said we had to give the name of the scavenger hunt company to his mom so he could have it at his birthday party! I give all the credit to my husband for his camp counselor-esque enthusiasm.

Super Decor

The treasure boxes were easy to assemble and shipped straight to my door via Party Expert. We were lucky enough to be gifted some party supplies which made creating my Pinterest-inspired party wall super simple. All it took was four colours of streamers, tape, a Super Mario swirl pack and a banner from A Little Lovely Company that I’ve used at least a dozen times in the past two years. The whole thing took me 15 minutes tops.

When meal time came around the table was decked out in Super Mario plates, cups and napkins. Cut up veggies, pizza and chips were on the menu.

Super Donuts

Instead of a cake Alex opted for his favourite Birthday Drake flavour Doughnats with some custom designed Mario donuts too.

After dinner we put on a movie which was probably the messiest part of an at-home birthday party with popcorn strewn about my basement floor. The loot bags kept with the treasure theme with Alex’s requested Treasure X packs. The kids left well fed, having run off the sugar, most probably ready for bed (every parent’s dream!)

I’d call it a Super Mario birthday party success. And I think Alex and his friends would too!

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