Snow Pass: Free Skiing in Grade 4 and 5

Snow Pass: Free Skiing in Grade 4 and 5

This winter I think we will finally be a family of five on skis. Yes, Leo will be testing out the magic carpet but the thought of not having to sit in the chalet is a thrilling one! What’s even better is knowing that we’ll still only have to pay for four family members (or maybe even three since Leo is often free) once we sign Hannah up for the Canadian Ski Council’s Snow Pass for grade 4 and 5 students.

When I found out about the Snow Pass a few years ago I was super excited and now even more so that Hannah is in grade 4. So here’s the lowdown. Registration online began yesterday. All you need to do is complete an application form (including photo and proof of age) and pay the $29.95 fee. Then your fourth or fifth grader will be able to ski or snowboard at a selection of 150 ski resorts across Canada, with three visits per individual hill this season.

Some of the ski resorts near Montreal include:

Morin Heights
Saint Sauveur
Mont Tremblant
Belle Neige
Mont Orford
Mont Sutton
Ski Saint Bruno
Mont Rigaud
Mont Habitant
Sommet Olympia

Note: some ski hills require a paying adult for the pass to be accepted.

The Snow Pass is valid for two seasons, covering both grade 4 and 5. So just as Hannah’s runs out, it will be Alex’s turn!

Now all that’s left to do is trade in their gear from last year (we go to Poubelle du Ski) and get ready for the first snow fall…

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