June Favourites: Made in Montreal

June Favourites: Made in Montreal

I was fortunate enough to be gifted some fantastic products over the past few weeks that I thought you might love too. They range the gamut from food to toys but they all have one thing in common; they are sold with love by Montrealers. These are homegrown companies and some of them are completely local, made in Montreal.

Headster Kids

My gang was so excited to receive an invitation to the Headster Kids spring launch party. We were already familiar with the brand as I had gotten all three of them caps and toques last Black Friday during an amazing sale. We previously chose designs including paper airplanes and donuts and our headwear collection was now taken up a notch by this new collection. Hannah opted for palm leaves while Alex went for dinosaurs. I can’t say I’m not tempted to pick a hat of my own from their adult collection, like this one


For a few months I was swayed by a local Instagrammer to bring bags of US granola back over the border. All the effort was certainly not necessary as there was a home grown version that was also gluten-free and dairy-free. Granoluv Delights is certainly delicious. When this package arrived at my doorstep I immediately spooned some yogurt into a bowl and poured the maple pecan granola on top. Yum! It’s become a part of my breakfast and snacking routine ever since.

Lynq Life

As some of you may have previously read, I’ve got a self-proclaimed vegetarian who doesn’t eat any fruits or vegetables. So when I was introduced to Lynq Life it was a blessing in disguise. I add a teaspoon of the Empowered mix into my recipes, from chocolate chip cookies to pancakes, and since its non-flavoured, she doesn’t know that she’s getting 50% of her daily recommended value of vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K! With no added sugar and 12 organic fruits and vegetables, she’s getting all the nutritients she needs. The Invicible chocolate mix is a great addition to smoothies and I can’t wait to try CocoaMotion superfood blend as a hot chocolate substitute in colder weather.

Evolve Toys

Recently my kids have gotten bored with our roster of board games and building toys. I heard about Evolve Toys and had been eyeing the GeoMag pro set as it seemed like a step up from our beloved Magnatiles. When we were lucky enough to receive it in the mail, my kids were entranced. Ideal for kids 8+, I even found myself challenged by this building set, seeing what kind of intricate structures I could put together. Leo loved his Magicube set and spends a good 20 minutes putting the magnetic pieces together in different ways. At two years old, he even took some of the metal rods from the big kids’ set and figured out that they could stick to his cubes to make a magical combination. Evolve Toys has a carefully curated collection of toys and games that encourage learning and stimulate little minds. Check them out!

Eco Mummy’s Kitchen

I received the Eco Mummy’s Kitchen baking mat from my best friend as a mother’s day gift. I’ve used it about a dozen times since then. With this non-toxic baking mat, no more parchment paper needed. Plus, it’s super easy to wash off after use. The only problem is I need more than one so I don’t have to wait for my cookies to cool before putting in the next batch! Not a problem at just $10 each. But once you’re splurging on some new bakeware you might as well go for the entire 5-peice set that includes a muffin tray, the baking mat, a square mold, a loaf mold and a round mold for just $30. This is going to be my go-to teacher’s gift for the end of the school year.

Now while the majority of these items were gifted to me by the companies themselves, please realize that I would not write about a product that I don’t believe in. I’ve tried all of these items that were made in Montreal and truly believe that they add value to my family’s daily life.

Happy June!




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