January 2022: At-Home Activities During Lockdown

January 2022: At-Home Activities During Lockdown

Well here we are again. A new year and, sadly, things don’t feel too different from the last. Curfew. Bubbles. Restrictions. But I’m trying to stay hopeful that this will all soon be over and that we will get through the month at-home, with a kindergardener in online school. I encourage everyone to get outdoors for skating, sledding, skiing and other activities, but we all know they can last a mere hour or two. So this month I’m rounding up at-home activities, both online and off-screen, that can keep the kids entertained when not in school.

Brilliant Little Binders

We first discovered these educational binders last year when Leo was in Pre-K without an online learning component. The binders, available in both English and French, contain activities for toddlers and kids over 3 years old. There are wipeable colouring placemats to use again and again, lacing activities for gross motor skills, scavenger hunts, and more.

Shop here: brilliantlittlebinders.com

Jabberwocky Kits

I wrote about this local company last year in a round up of my top art activities. It’s back on my list this year as the at-home sensory play-doughs kits keep getting better and better. While you may typically think of play dough for toddlers, these handmade batches come in the most delicious flavours that any kid will love to smell, squish and squeeze. Leo adores the Dinosaur Kit and the Arctic Kit seems pretty appropriate right about now.

Shop here: jabberwockykits.com

Funtastik Boogie Online Workshops

Kids won’t be zoomed out after these online classes with Tania and her amazing team of animators. You can book a solo or group workshop to keep the kids entertained while you work or just as a weekend surprise. Classes will be customized by age and interest. Choose from themes including baking/cooking, dancing, arts & crafts, science and more. All supplies are delivered to your door to make it a hands-on experience.

More info: DM on Instagram @funtastikboogie_ (new account) or Facebook

Yum Creations

Already made the holiday sugar cookies with sprinkles and frosting everywhere? Here’s a fun baking activity with little to no mess. Paint your own cookies from Yum Creations include an edible paint palette and pre-designed cookies.

Learn more here: yumcreations.com to place your order online or to pickup in-store

Mailbox Missions

Another invention of a local mom who was looking for activities to do with her kids during the first lockdown. These escape room boxes are ideal for teenagers and adults but some stellar 10+ year olds can participate too. These tabletop codebreaking games are available in three missions: The Case of the Holiday Party Hacker, The Case of the Art Gallery Arsonist and The Case of the Mystery Inheritance. The missions have everything needed for a fun night of cracking the case. Sarah, the creator, also is offering free neighbourhood walks in NDG that are a great way to get kids outside, while discovering local landmarks.

Shop here: mailboxmissions.ca

Rec on Demand

If you know Coach Pickle Juice, you know he’s the best. Even if he’s entertaining kids online instead of in-person. He’s available for one-on-one or group sessions that are usually about 45 minutes long. No need to buy anything in advance, Coach Pickle Juice uses easy to find items at home (rolled up socks as balls!) in sessions that exercise both the mind and body. Themes run the gamut from princesses to superheroes to martial arts, video games and more. Activities can include scavenger hunts, trivia games, dance parties and more. Baby and parent classes are also available.

To book: Email info@recondemand.com or DM on Instagram @recondemand

Ceramic Café Take Home Studio

Paint your own pottery has always been a hit with my kids and now you can take the experience home. Choose your piece online, pick it up in-store along with paints and accessories, paint it, and then bring it back to be fired. You can also choose from pre-assembled kits online. This one is probably most convenient for those who live close to one of their locations in Dollard, Laval or near St-Denis.

Shop here: leccs.com


Even you haven’t taken an outschool class yet…what are you waiting for? Hannah has made French macaroons, Alex has learned how to beatbox and Leo has furthered his dino obsession and learned about the solar system too! These very affordable group lessons can be purchased as a weekly class or a one-off and there are so many topics to choose from. Here’s a code to get $20 off your first purchase: 9xJGRA95

Sign up here: outschool.com

Subscription Boxes

More activities, delivered right to your door on a monthly basis:

For Science: Loop Lab

For Woodworking: Annie’s Yound WoodWorkers

For Bubble Tea Lovers: BobaBox

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