Gift Guide: Presents for Kids of All Ages

Gift Guide: Presents for Kids of All Ages

The holiday season is upon us and hopefully your kids have made it on to the “nice list” which means your holiday gift shopping is likely in full swing. In our house, we celebrate Hanukah with eight nights of gifts ranging from small items like sticker sheets and books to one night featuring a high ticket item for each of our children. With a 2 year old, 7 year old and almost 10 year old, I’ve got my work cut out work me. And chances are so do you. So, I’ve put together my top presents for kids that will be unwrapped in my house this season.

2 Year Old Boy Gifts

These days, Leo is all about anything on four wheels. He could spend hours watching diggers and snowplows (or snow cows as he calls them) drive by our front window. So the majority of his gifts are appropriately truck themed.

Magnetic Build a Truck: I know Leo will spend hours mixing & matching the front and backs of trucks with this magnetic set.
$34.99 @ Evolve Toys

Play-Doh Buzz & Cut Barber Shop:  Our new favourite art activity will get even more fun as we style and grow our own haridos.
$19.99 @ Toys r Us

Goodnight, Goodnight, Construction Site: We recently discovered this book series and Leo reads it daily so I’m completing his collection with this bedtime story.
$14.32 @ Indigo

7 Year Old Boy Gifts

Alex just celebrated his birthday two months ago so finding more gifts to get him proved to be a challenge. We held off on getting a gaming system when he turned seven but couldn’t resist an awesome deal on a used Wii + all the games that we spotted on a Facebook group. So that’ll be his major present. And one that we’re pretty excited to have paid less than 75% of the retail price! Here are some of the other presents he’ll be unwrapping:

Kinetic Sand Crash ‘Em Cars: Alex has been asking for a Kinetic Sand set and this racing car building version should keep him entertained for hours. I purchased it on major discount at the JRC Toys warehouse sale.
$40 @

LEGO City Arctic Ice Glider: We bought a bookshelf for Alex’s LEGO and its basically full so I thought this small set, on his wish list, would be a great addition to his collection. This makes a perfect stocking stuffer too.
$7.17 @

Petit Lem 1-Piece Pyjamas: I actually bought these for all three of the kids so they’d have matching PJs this holiday season. The black and red plaid are non-denominational and the set comes with a cozy hat too.
$25.20 @ The Bay

10 Year Old Girl Gifts

Hannah is officially over toys but art projects, electronics (obviously) and gift cards to her favourite stores like Forever 21 girls, Claire’s, Ardene and David’s Tea are always at the top of her list. Her biggest present of the season will be a kids’ Fitbit watch that I scored online on Black Friday. Here are some of her other gifts:

Plush Craft Owl Pillow: Hannah already has one of these and it was a great art activity that took about an hour to complete. It now sits proudly on her bed. I scored this one from the JRC Toys warehouse sale for just $8.99!
$12 @ Indigo

Weird But True! Canada: She’s also been loving these books from the school library and noted this one for her holiday wish list on a recent bookstore visit.
$9.89 @

Fuji Film Instax Rainbow Film: Last year Hannah got an Instax camera and it’s slowly made it’s way to the back of her drawer because she has no film left. This rainbow framed film should resurrect this fun hobby.
$13.00 @

There you have it! Some of my favourite presents for kids, that my children will be unwrapping in the coming weeks. What’s the #1 item on your kids’ wish lists this holiday season?


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