Music Lessons in Montreal with Tempo

Music Lessons in Montreal with Tempo

The post that I see most often in my local Facebook Montreal mom group is someone looking for recommendations for a music teacher. Whether it be for piano, guitar, voice or another instrument, the same names pop up every time. With limited hours when kids are not in school, these teachers are most likely booked up. Enter Tempo Music Lessons in Montreal. This new app-based platform is changing the way Montrealers can discover a love of music.

App Ease

The app is super easy to use. It starts by determining your location in or around Montreal to filter down your search to local teachers. Your lessons can be in-person or virtual, depending on your current Covid19 comfort level. Then, you choose your instrument or from one of the more sophisticated categories including composition, conducting, history or theory. A list of teachers will then appear.

Tempo Teachers

Not only can you view their photo and star rating from other users, but you can see their language, level, rate, and biography. While all Tempo teachers are classically trained, they teach a variety of music styles, from pop to rock to R&B. Once you’ve found a profile that matches best with yourself or your child, you can select a lesson location (online, in the teacher’s studio, at your home) as well as the session length.

Music Lessons for Kids

Lessons can be booked for one session to start or you can sign up for recurring lessons and save. The app includes a calendar to show you upcoming and past lessons. What I love most about Tempo is that it actually rewards you for booking music lessons with incentives that will further your child’s love of music. For each class booked you will receive a certain number of rewards that can then be claimed for concert tickets or music supplies.

If you’ve been searching for music lessons for your kids here in Montreal, I highly recommend checking out Tempo! As an Ambassador of Tempo music, here’s my special code to save 50% off your first lesson: FGR198595.

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