Doughnats DoNut Miss Out on Montreal’s Best

Doughnats DoNut Miss Out on Montreal’s Best

My daughter Hannah has a sweet tooth. If you’ve seen my Instagram feed lately, you’ll notice a smattering of donut photos every few weeks. That’s because going to Doughnats is one of her greatest pleasures. She hasn’t quite expressed in words what she loves so much about this Montreal donut shop but I think its the combination of delicious bites, bright pink branding and super-friendly staff who have come to know her by name. While I try to play the part of the healthy mom, I will admit that the sweet smell of dough wafting down Decarie usually has my mouth watering before even stepping into the shop. So if you do nut know this sweet shop yet, here’s a rundown of why I do nut want you to deny yourself….

Doughnats Season 4

Every few months, Doughnats switches up its donut game with a new flavour menu. The writer in me loves the witty names while the wanna-be baker is consistently amazed by the delicious flavour combinations. If you pop into the shop on any given day you’ll have the chance to try a few of Hannah’s favourites including:

  • Flap Attack – maple syrup glaze, stack of mini pancakes & a shot of maple syrup
  • Ore-Doh – vanilla glaze, Oreo & crumb topping
  • Birthday Drake – vanilla glaze & sprinkles, white sprinkle cake & pudding filling
  • Cinder(Nut)Ella – sugar rolled & Nutella filled

Mouth watering yet?

doughnats donuts

Allergen Free

Doughnats prides itself on being a peanut free facility, but Chef Nat has taken it a step further with her Triple Threat donuts. Gluten free, vegan and 100% organic, they are baked, not fried making them a healthier choice. These donuts go quickly everyday so be sure to place your order ahead of time if you’re looking to accommodate specific dietary restrictions.


Cookies & More

While Doughnats originally launched as a donut shop a few other products have recently launched. Their new cookie bar features an assortment of sprinkles, chocolate chip and more cookies for the non-donut crowd and don’t forget about the just-released milk chocolate mini whippets. Jars of vegan chocolate chip cookie dough (no eggs!) are also available and I dare you to just have one spoonful at a time!

sprinkle cookies

Sweet Celebration

Doughnats also offers an alternative to cake for your next celebration. Donuts can be shaped into letters to form a special message, like Hannah’s birthday surprise. Donuts can also be branded, personalized and turned into your kids’ favourite characters. The options are endless and the recipient will get a thrill of sliding open their box of sweets to see what’s inside. The staff is super helpful in customizing your special order. Keep an eye on the Doughnat’s Instagram account for special holiday themed donuts too!

doughnats birthday

Doughnats,, 5319 Decarie., 514-660-2699, closed Mondays.

*This blog post is 100% unpaid. Hannah and I are just super fans of this great local business and we wanted to share our donut love with you!

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